My creative process is predominantly spontaneous with little conscious thinking - I prefer to be surprised at what happens on the paper or canvas yet I'm am aware that my interest in mythology, cosmology, neuroscience, physics, biology and psychology is what contributes to the content of images expressed.

Contrasts create energy - light and night, generality and specifics, accident and deliberation.

Like life, my art has taken many twists and turns over the years in terms of style and medium and this keeps me curious and inspired.

joanne jo taylor 2018.jpg

Born in Mufulira, Zambia

Visiting Vancouver, Canada


Somewhere I read that the appeal of a piece of art says more about the viewer than it does about the artist. I like that. If a person likes an image enough to want to take it home, then a personal connection on some inexpressible level has been made with the artist who produced it. I believe this need for personal connection is a life force. 


I was born and raised in Central Africa with the distinct benefit of having no rules laid down regarding identity or religious beliefs. My creative career began in Johannesburg, illustrating for medical clients.  Later I moved to the coast with my children for a healthier physical and psychological environment and  I began painting for local shows and exhibitions. I have travelled extensively and also lived and painted in Ireland for 6 years. I've now moved to be near my daughter in Vancouver feeling an affinity with Canadian culture, and starting once again on a painting journey.